HSP provides the most elastic and scalable private cloud infrastructure to run your applications in an organized and self-managed way.

Scalable infrastructure

HSP offers an integrated set of services that provides everything you need to quickly and easily create and manage HSP clusters in the cloud to run the most intensive workloads across industry verticals. These workloads span traditional HSP applications such as genomics, computational chemistry, financial risk modelling, computer-aided engineering, weather forecasting, and seismic imaging, as well as emerging applications such as machine learning, deep learning, and autonomous driving.

Some important application areas


HSP provides inherent scalability with an ecosystem of partners and tools to run genomic workloads. With HSP, you can efficiently and dynamically store and process your data, collaborate with colleagues, and incorporate machine learning and analytics.


HSP helps you reduce turnaround times for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. Engineers can scale their simulation jobs to experiment with more configurable parameters, which means faster, more accurate results.


HSP helps researchers process complex workloads by providing the affordable, scalable, and secure compute, storage, and database capabilities needed to shorten scientific research timelines. With HSP, scientists can quickly analyze huge volumes of data and share the results with collaborators around the world.


HSP it is a flexible distributed computing capabilities enable product portfolio managers to quickly perform simulations that identify their product line risks, hedging opportunities, and areas for optimization. It can also quickly calculate the impact of hypothetical changes to the product portfolio.

A centralized platform for your cluster

HSP Center

It is our platform for the control and administration of the resources of your systems, and working environment at same time.

it’s based in jupyter software, the most used software for scientists now days

The HSP Center eliminates the long wait times and lost productivity associated with manual infrastructure management and application development, optimization, and provisioning.

When you start your working session you will have all your software installed, libraries conflict free and GPU accelerated drivers correctly installed

We provide specialized customized environments for each Science area and you can create yours too

Multiple environments for everyone

HSP images

Our solution provides your data science teams with on-demand access to the customized images they need to deliver data-driven digital transformation and business innovation. It can run on any infrastructure — whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid IT architecture.

Our images contains customized anaconda libraries which contains +7000 sciencific software, also based upon request we can customize specific applications and linux variants for you

All the images has optimized Nvidia Cuda Toolkit drivers and complete development libraries for execute complex jobs, simulations, or analysis, etc

Simplified remote viewing

HSP Display

With our exclusive Storm Desktop, you will be able to use all the graphic applications you need. Even each user will be able to access their work environment, monitor the resource consumption of your GPU, start a desktop session, install applications and much more. 

No matter where you are or what operating system you’re running, our viewing environment runs using a browser like Chrome or Firefox, giving you tremendous flexibility.

You can run full GPU-based simulations, since your application runs on the server and not the client. You can also easily launch a slurm-based task network to use multiple GPUs across the cluster at the same time.

HSP Display also integrates the CONDA suite with which you can easily install multiple graphic applications ready to use

All sessions are encrypted via SSL at 256 AES, which ensures that your work is always safe when accessed from anywhere in the world.

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